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There are lots of great places to buy skull and skeleton products on the web… These are our favorites. :-)

Skeleton for sale!

Ever wanted a skeleton in your living room or back yard? How about a Tyrannosaur?  Bids start at $850,000 :) It’s not a T-rex, but a cousin, and even so, it’s a bit out of my range, but you’ve got … Continue reading

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Best. Beer. Bong. Ever.

Ok, while I have to fully admit I’m not really much for beer bongs any more, this is, without a doubt, the best one ever.  I would have given a lot more than $11 when I was still in college. … Continue reading

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Martha Stewart Skeleton…? O_o

So, the question is, is there anything you could do with or to a skeleton that would make it… Just really not cool?  Something that even I wouldn’t go for? Now, if you’re like me, the first thought that leaps to mind on reading the words … Continue reading

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